We have worked with NKSoft for over 8 years and found them to be very knowledgeable and highly professional. NKSoft helped us with our $64M Smart Grid and Broadband project. We achieved incredible success working with NKSoft.

Bobby Ortega

Chairman, Kit Carson Electric

Ficamos muito felizes com a consultoria e suporte de engenharia fornecidos por John Chowdhury e sua equipe de engenheiros para nossos projetos de Smart Grid. Encontrei-me trabalhando em uma verdadeira parceria que resulta em uma experiência extra incrível para nós. We have been very happy with the consulting and engineering support provided by John Chowdhury and his team of engineers for our Smart Grid projects. I found myself working in a true partnership that results in an extra incredible experience for us.

Ricardo Bortello

President, Energisa Group of Companies, Brasil

When AEP started our Smart Grid journey in 2012, we relied on Smart Grid to assist us with the development of the AMI and Smart Grid strategy, business case, roadmap, and regulatory filing. As AEP covered multiple state and local jurisdictions, NKSoft Consulting continued to assist us. During the execution of the Roadmap, NKSoft assisted us with developing RFP's and selecting vendors for these strategic projects, NKSoft truly worked with us as a partner and helped us achieve success over the years. Many thanks to John Chowdhury and the Team.

Derek Siebert

Director, Smart Grid Programme, AEP

When we hired John Chowdhury and his team to assist us with our Grid Modernization project, we expected great results. From strategic vision development, engineering support work, to system integration, the NKSoft team has been exceeding all of our expectations. A pleasure working with the team and I wish them great success.

Carl Chapman

CEO and President, Vectren Energy

It's a pleasure working with the NKSoft team exploring the Smart City Broadband project. Very knowledgeable team with a great background and insight into the Smart City and providing Broadband to all. Exactly what we expect from our partners.

Sandra Armenta

Mayor, City of Rosemead, CA