Which ADMS, SCADA, GIS, OMS and EMS Vendor to Right for You?

There are challenges experienced by many utilities during the implementation of an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), especially identifying all requirements and comparing these requirements to the vendor solution. For example, with the incomplete or inaccurate distribution network model data, ADMS will not provide the benefit you may be expecting. 

By leveraging our ADMS experience in the implementation of several large projects in the United States, we will be able to start by addressing the importance and key issues related to the accuracy of the distribution network model and how it directly affects the implementation of the ADMS. It is very critical for utilities to conduct a thorough data gap-analysis with their existing Geographic Information System (GIS) data model or the corresponding “system of record”. This step is a critical part of the ADMS solution selection process besides validating the accuracy of the utilities' own GIS network model. We have developed a unique distribution network model readiness requirements for advanced distribution application functions such as Automatic Restoration and Switching Analysis (ARSA)/ Fault Localization, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) and Integrated Voltage VAR Control (IVVC). Based on the final data readiness requirements, utilities, and the ADMS vendors could agree on a realistic and practical implementation schedule wherein the network model gaps in GIS would be addressed.