We Provide Total Cybersecurity Solutions

Advancement in technology and all the interconnected business ecosystems have escalated the exposure to cyber-attacks. NKSoft KEMA Cyber aims to provide a digital shield to the cyberspace and offers various services and solutions for increasing client security. Our expert team uses our proficiency and the global footprint in information security and cybersecurity field.

We provide Information Security and provide penetration testing for Cyber Security Compliances and security audits for clients to meet their needs. Experts at NKSoft KEMA Cyber collect the sensitive data, processes and disperses it on the infra net and cloud. Despite a robust framework, companies’ shortfall of security. For this purpose, NKSoft KEMA Cyber uses a Defend and Protect framework that enables the client to be present in a stringent security perimeter.

NKSoft KEMA Cyber uses its expertise, processes and time and again proven methodologies to help clients improve security in

  1. Managed Security Services
  2. Penetration Testing
  3. Vulnerability Assessments
  4. Compliance
  5. Cyber Risk Advisory