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NKSoft KEMA Consulting is a reputed international grid modernization consultancy with experience in energy management, microgrids, integration of distributed energy (DER), efficient transmission and distribution grid planning, renewable energy generation planning, design and engineering, and smart city planning and deployment. Other consulting services including rate design, policy development, business economics of smart energy services, batteries and energy storage systems, grid infrastructure, energy services, and operator models. NKSoft KEMA Consulting delivers the ideal technological solutions and services and showcases ways to achieve a decentralized, sustainable, carbon-neutral, and future-oriented renewable energy supply. Our History NKSoft Corporation (NKSoft) established in 1997 in the State of Texas, United States, registered as NetKnowledge Technologies, LLC. In 2014, after KEMA was sold to DNV GL, the North American power engineering consulting group within KEMA, joined NKSoft. Since then, Power Consulting within NKSoft has been operating under dba NKSoft KEMA Consulting Services (NKCS). NKSoft is an international, expertise‐based energy solutions firm providing technical and management consulting, systems integration, and training services to more than 245 electric industry clients in 10 countries. NKSoft specializes in integrating deep technical and functional capabilities with management expertise to deliver results that enhance profitability, reliability, and sustainability. Over the years, NKSoft has built a reputation by offering our clients deep subject matter expertise, while being independent and strong advocates for our clients. Our role is to act as our clients’ trusted advisor, serving their diverse needs from generation, through grid and distribution operations to the consumer side of the meter. NKSoft employs over 225 full time and over 350 contract professionals in 8 countries. NKSoft’s North American consulting operation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with subsidiaries and offices worldwide.

"Experienced resources who understand the industry, the trends, the issues, and possible solution"

Over 192 Grid Modernization Project Completed

Over 90 Cyber Security Projects Completed

Resources - with average of 22+ years of experience

We have presence in 22 Cities and in 8 Countries

Our Global Offices and Partners

Our Global Offices and Partners

Providing Solutions to the Utility Industry for over 30 years

Providing Solutions to the Utility Industry for over 27 years

Experienced resources provided by NKSoft Consulting helped us successfully complete the project on time and within budget.

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